Business Intelligence

The Clearest View Comes After You’ve Conquered The Data Mountain.

Work with us to garner valuable business intelligence that takes your organization to new heights. We leverage Big Data to make it work to your advantage.


How much data do you need to mine for actionable recommendations? With the cost of storage having precipitously dropped, a lot of data models are simply outdated. We’ll help figure out how much is too much, and how much is too little.


Just like numbers themselves vary, the scales they are on can vary, too. We take a customized approach to developing your system’s data integration so that all the square pegs fill the square holes, and you always have an anytime, anywhere dashboard giving you the complete picture.


Data is accumulated either in real time or in fits and starts. How often your numbers change is an important metric for calibrating when to retrieve it, analyze it and report it. Often it’s calibrating your system speed based, not on a one-size-fits-all database, but on a more complex model that accounts for different speeds for different inputs, that all come together to tell the right story at the right time.

We Do More With Data.

Data Sourcing & ETL 

We source and extract data from huge databases through the process of Extraction, Transformation, and Loading and then analyze it to arrive at actionable insights for your business.

Data Analytics 

We convert raw data into advanced algorithms to help your organization optimize its performance.

Data Mining 

We gather useful intelligence that helps your business solve problems, analyze trends, lessen risks, and locate new opportunities.

Data Visualization 

We leverage graphical representations of your data in clear and coherent ways to draw conclusions and insights about your business.

Data Warehousing 

Integrating and pulling together all of your data into one system enable us to analyze any aspect of it, even across your organization’s history, illuminating emerging trends — both positive and negative — so that you can be prepared for your organization’s best future.


Gear Up The Best Equipment Not Only Gets You Up The Steepest Climbs But Affords You The Grandest Views. And There Are No Short-Cuts.

Power BI & Tableau

We leverage the Microsoft Power BI desktop application and Power BI service, as well as collaborative data visualization software such as Tableau to connect to data, visualize models, and share findings through data-driven reports and dashboards.

Survey Integration

We use powerful survey integration tools such as Qualtrics, Data Benchmarking, WorldApp, Checkbox, SurveyMonkey and others to design, send, and analyze your surveys in faster, easier and more accurate ways.

Leverage The Power Of Business Intelligence.

    • Access and analyze data sets.
    • Collate your findings in reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts, maps, and more.
    • Know your customer and your competitor.
    • Stay ahead with advanced business intelligence integrations from Empowered Margins

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