Beyond Just Development

As a Data Management Firm, Our Developers Face More Complex Challenges Than Most Software Companies, So They Have To Be Better Than Most Developers.

Other software companies can pick and choose what platforms they use, but we have to follow the data, often across many different platforms and make them work together. That can take some impressive coding scripting, sometimes in the form of APIs and algorithms.

Sometimes the data is on legacy platforms that may run on obsolete coding, so we our developers’ knowledge has to be wide and deep across several decades.
Fortunately, though, they do much more than simply code: everyone we hire is a designer, communicator, teacher and a problem solver.
These folks can go through not just the front end, but the back end, embedded code and specialty hardware to accomplish what’s needed efficiently.

But along with unique knowledge, they bring along their passion for puzzles, solutions and clarification. That’s why we employ a completely transparent management and development process for our customers.
Instead of hiding behind opaque processes, we love to walk you through our discoveries and consistently invite your input, so that together, we can implement a successful technology solution.

There are no “black boxes” at Empowered Margins, just a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team that works right alongside you every step of the way.

Those steps go way beyond just development. On to Product Builds!


Put Industry Comps To Work For You.