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Real ROI From Pinpointing The Right Person At The Right Time

AMS Integration that Filters by Dozens of Criteria to Yield Rich Search Results

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Empowered Directory

In a post-COVID world, your greatest value is making meaningful connections for your members.
Empowered Directory points them right to the colleagues they need, boosting engagement, renewals and non-dues revenue.

Make the app publically available to drive more sales to your members. Or keep it behind a partition as a unique member benefit. Either way, unlock the data hidden away in your AMS, putting it to work for both your members and your bottom line.

Fully Integrated with AMS

An app for the phone or desktop that pulls in only the right data from your AMS so that members can find other members directly and effortlessly, increasing your renewals and non-dues revenue.

Advanced Sorting Filters

Customized Filters that allow for intensive searches based on education, experience, credentials or any of dozens of other criteria. Free your members up from having to know the last name or receive the business card.

Greater Reach & Visibility

User-friendly software that lets your association access a community of peers and experts to share knowledge and best practices.

Radius Search

Proximity Maps that allow for location-based searches by area, state, region or country. Set the distance with the ease and flexibility of a slider.

Details-Rich Results Screen

Comprehensive search results in the the palms of their hands with contact information, maps, credentials, bios, specialties and any other criteria you choose to unlock from your AMS, all boosting engagement.

Interactive User Profiles

Enable your members to get to know each other and connect directly as if they met live with customized profiles auto-generated according to your specifications.


Your choice of at-a-glance rating systems lets your members know who they’re viewing with careful settings that avoid unwanted skepticism.

In-App Communication

Now your members can identify the right person and reach out instantly through email, phone or chat, without leaving your app.


Members touch base, ask questions, confirm meetings, update statuses – whatever they need to collaborate. You bring them together; now watch their impact multiply.

Push Notifications

Facilitate external and internal communication while increasing engagement. Streamline messaging by targeting broadcasts. effortlessly through an intuitive UI.

Multilingual Functionality

Facilitate external and internal communication while increasing engagement. Streamline messaging by targeting broadcasts. effortlessly through an intuitive UI.

Cloud-Hosted Solution with No IT Overhead

Add zero IT infrastructure costs, with training included.

Security-First View with Data Integrity

Advanced security fortifies your data against third-party vendors and hackers.

Customized Based on Your Own Needs

Made-to-order AMS integration that is highly searchable and easy to use.


Put your sponsors’ banners, splash screens, categories and highlighted search-result listings right where your members are looking for solutions. Cover all the costs and add non-dues revenue on top.

What People Say

The ease of use is the strongest feature. The integration opens up possibilities [and gives] us an advantage in the market. [It’s] absolutely essential for our non-dues revenue.


Principal, Starkweather Association Services

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