Who We Are

It All Started With A Challenging Phone Call One Rainy November Night In 2013.

That was the night that seeded the vision. Since then we’ve grown to a 30-person team with offices in Colorado Springs, Colorado in the United States and Noida, Telangana in India. And we keep expanding, with new products, new clients new industries and new technologies.

We’re excited with how our work is transforming insurance, especially self-funded models which are becoming a more prominent solution that streamline costs, thanks to our direct connection to more accurate actuarial data.

In associations, our work is helping members improve dozens of verticals with greater access to knowledge and a better understanding of needs and interests.

In healthcare, our data solutions are improving the quality of life for patients while alleviating some of the challenges that care providers have faced.

We’re excited to find out what’s next.
Maybe it will be working the ideas you are seeding right now! Cultivated properly, they can grow into something amazing.

Team Image