Product Management

At Empowered Margins Our Product Management Is A Craft, We Practice With Great Care.

Our goals is simple: to maximize the mission’s impact in everything we do. We accomplish this by focusing on the software’s goals amid environmental factors and resource constraints. To do this,

      • We take the time to truly understand the goal
      • Including its underlying assumptions
      • The vision of how this new application will fit with existing systems and factors.
      • We also seek out how other teams involved will contribute or be affected by related outcomes.

    Then, as part of our QA focus, we assign a team member the responsibility at the beginning of the project to make sure implied requirements are fully understood. At the end of the project, we also assign a team member to make sure any additional implied requirements are fully addressed.
    We manage product development with our ear to the ground regarding the environment, both client signals, the data about how the product will be used as well as market signals that affect the pathway chosen.
    These inputs each help us to guide the best way to accomplish the goal and develop a product on time and in budget, something we achieve over 99% of the time.

    Product Management

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