Stop The Intruder Dead In His Tracks.

Now Attack Criminal Hacking With Deeper Level Data Protection.

  • Vulnerability Scans that detect and classifies system weaknesses in your system predicting the effectiveness of countermeasures
  • Network & App Penetration Tests to identify security vulnerabilities in apps and systems by internally using various malicious techniques to evaluate the network’s security or its lack thereof.
  • General Server/Hosting Security that ensures advanced STF and SSL protection
  • Application Security with Multi-Factor Authentication & Auto Logoff
  • Assessment & Protection against Privilege Escalation Attacks
  • Deep Packet Inspection that locates discrepancies in and manages network traffic
  • Penetration Testing using Pivoting & Deep Exploits
  • Encryption of sensitive data using industry recommended methods
  • Prevention against Cross site scripting & Cross site Forgery
  • Prevention against IFRAME Overlay
  • Web Application Recon & Scanning for Malicious User Input Prevention
  • Error handling to prevent security risks
  • Regular Auditing, Maintenance & Cleanup

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Network & App Pen Test

Attack Description
Remote System Discovery
Admin Webserver Interface Compromise
Interactive Shell to Admin Server
Administrative Privilege
Escalation Java Client Attacks
Deep Packet Inspection Bypass
Citrix Environment Compromise
Patch Management
Escalation to Domain Administrator
Exploitation of Vulnerabilities
Compromise Remote Users/Sites
Maintain Access | Auditing

Application Security

Strong Password Policy
Multi-Factor Authentication
Auto Logoff
Malicious User Input Prevention
Encrypted config files / Use of Key Vault
Encryption of sensitive data during transmission
Encryption using industry-recommended algorithms
Data Change Tracking and Logging For Possible Audits
Denial of Service Attack Prevention
XSS/CSRF attack prevention
Clickjacking prevention
Insecure Direct Object References (IDOR) Prevention
Safe error messaging

Vulnerability Scan

Host assessment
Network and wireless assessment
Database assessment
Application Scans
Vulnerability Identification

General Server/Hosting Security

Server Access Control
Server Updates
Server/Application Firewall

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How our Vulnerability Assessment Tools discover gaps while penetration tests attempt to utilize these identified vulnerabilities to determine if any unauthorized access is possible and scope out potential threats before they become a reality
How we find out how much comprehensive testing is required for your IT infrastructure, including Servers, Network and applications and what it can do for your organization.
How our real-world strategies meet the compliance requirements set by PCI, SOC, ISO 27001, and HIPAA
How we fortify your applications and systems using advanced-level security to dig into and prevent criminal hacking


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