Empowered Margins’ Survey Platform Integrations Experience

Purpose: Empowered Margins survey-integration services can accelerate your implementations while freeing up your development resources.


  • Empowered Margins’ survey integration service enables technology providers to increase their customer’s adoption efforts.
  • Our dedicated survey-integration team specializes in challenging implementations, freeing up precious development resources
  • Our flexible model allows us to assimilate with your professional services group
  • Our deep industry expertise having worked with hundreds of integration challenges, allows Empowered Margins to support your sales team’s effort in selling the most demanding enterprise customer

Empowered Margins is a data management company headquartered in Colorado Springs with nearly 10 years of integration experience and 50 highly skilled developers. Working primarily in the association, insurance and healthcare verticals, we have built dozens of integrations and deployed them to nearly 100 clients.

Nearly a half-dozen technology providers have selected Empowered Margins as its integration partner. By focusing on survey platforms in particular, we play a vital role in providing user feedback and data, tracked over time, that can directly improve a product or service in a way that replaces guesswork and assumptions with accurate information. For this reason our integration work often involves survey tools specifically because we’re known for both our survey and our integration expertise, and our partnership consistently improves providers’ ROI.

Free Up Resources for Higher ROI

With Empowered Margins integration skills engaged on your client’s behalf, you can rapidly add to your user base while freeing internal programming resources to develop further your applications. This leads to a more rapid release schedule which, in turn, generates more customers, renewals and buzz for your services than would otherwise have been possible.

Our data-integration experience includes extensive work with survey platforms like Qualtrics, WorldApp, Checkbox, SurveyMonkey, Data Benchmarking and more, as well as custom surveys we have engineered from the ground up. This means we know the platforms and have established enough familiarity to scale processes and even anticipate problems before they occur — essentially, we know, not only each feature set, but, more importantly, how each tool behaves.

Through this work, we have routinely overcome challenges ranging from API limitations, and workarounds when no API is available, to data munging to survey design that can accommodate dynamic architectures. Our expertise with APIs means understanding to a fine point their capabilities, from their ability to hide questions based on participant behavior to the impact of exposing all or part of an answer based on participant responses.

Change management is also a critical focus of our survey platform integrations as APIs themselves are dynamic in nature. We have therefore established careful protocols to determine what must be updated, when to avoid interruptions in data collection, data storage and data analysis. Finally, we know which technical components to incorporate to warehouse the data based on its volume, value and “velocity” (rate of change).

Unique Specialization

We have specialized in integrations because they combine our unique skill sets in data, particularly warehousing, analytics and visualization, with our global reputation for being able to get the most out of any API.

Occasionally, after integrating a survey platform, we also design the data visualization using PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau as well as amCharts. The survey databases we have built often become the industry standard. We have built and continue to manage, for example, the largest insurance database of its kind, constructed primarily on survey data derived from tens of thousands of companies.

Industry Reputation

Due to our unusually successful integrations track record, we have become known in our industries as the integrator who can complete even the most challenging assignments on time and on budget. In fact, over a dozen clients have come to us after an integration project with another vendor failed. Without exception, we have quickly identified and corrected the problem and kept the client as a happy customer who never looked back. All of these customers are still with us today.

All of these organizations invest this kind of trust with us because of the careful attention we bring to each project. It doesn’t hurt, either, that we are ISO certified, HIPAA compliant and run our own cybersecurity business unit. In some cases, providers have even asked us to improve their APIs.

Under the framework of a Master Services Agreement, we process Work Orders for these providers, often on a white-labeled basis. These Work Orders utilize provider APIs to customize integrations for their customers in a fast-moving, carefully managed queue. Our process for our integration services on behalf of providers involves the following steps:

A Discovery Call to identify the provider’s integration goals
Allocation of an internal team of dedicated resources to undergo training with the goal of learning the provider’s code as well as the provider.
Assignment of a project manager to act as a single point of contact as a liaison between the provider and the internal technical team
Initial implementation(s) in concert with the provider to ensure our team learns the nuances of the platform in a live environment, including server and RDP setup, platform installation, configuration and customization.
Ongoing implementations solo. We implement as many Work Orders as you want at the agreed-upon frequency while you focus on leveraging your development resources on what you only can do, earning a higher ROI in the process.

Meet the Team

While Empowered Margins draws from its dozens of inhouse experts to complete its implementations on time and under budget, survey integrations are led by Senior Manager of Projects, Vasantha Koorpad and Team Lead Birender Singh. Brief bios follow.

VASANTHA KOORPAD, Sr. Manager ProjectsVasantha Koorpad

Vasantha has been a Senior Project Manager with Empowered Margins since 2015. She did her Masters in computer science and has 20 yrs of experience in the software industry, excelling in the management of larger teams and complex projects.

Her role involves providing requirements analysis and solution design to Empowered’s clients. Vasantha serves as liaison between clients and vendors throughout the project life cycle to ensure on-time delivery, professionalism and client service. She is an expert in survey platforms, having worked extensively with Qualtrics, Checkbox and WorldApp among others. She resides in Hyderabad with her husband and two children.


With a Masters of Technology in computer science and engineering and nearly a decade of experience analyzing requirements, brainstorming solutions, Birender has been a Team Lead instrumental in developing the right solutions for the right tasks.

In particular, he creates mockups and project plans that support survey integrations while ensuring compliance with agreed upon standards and processes at each step of the way. With his careful approach and problem solving skills, he is often brought into survey QA testing as well.

We would like to discuss your implementation goals to see if there might be a fit.

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