Product Roadmaps

We Start Our Development Process By Carefully Listening During Our Project Kick-Off Meeting.

The detailed notes from that form the basis for our Product Roadmap, which is a high-level diagram of your vision and goals for the product. We typically use Rapid Application Development (RAD), a form of agile software design methodology that prioritizes rapid prototype iterations. Because of this, a constant goal-oriented focus is necessary to ensure the project stays on course. The Product Roadmap is therefore integral to ensure we are developing toward the goal even as goals evolve.

Once our Product Roadmap is greenlit, we translate it into specific action items. Later, we use it to help prioritize our efforts and guide our reporting and recommendations back to you, especially as different needs are uncovered even part-way into the development process.

The steps we take in developing our roadmap are listed below:

    • Determine the software objective
    • Identify the software constituencies and stakeholders
    • Priorities software functionality
    • Set milestones and review points.

For these reasons, roadmaps are critical for development,
but we go Beyond Just Development.

Product Roadmap

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