Data Integration

We Connect Different Data Sources And Apply Data Management Techniques To Better Harvest It For Different Purposes.

For example for Milliman, the international actuarial giant, we developed a Master Benefits Survey Database (MBSD) comprising of more than 40,000 American employers and growing. It compares and contrasts the costs and offerings of benefits plans throughout the nation.

That’s a lot of disparate sources. But MBSD gathers, combines, stores and analyzes all this data, providing instant snapshot reports and emerging trends like no one can. And so smoothly, it makes it look easy.

That’s because we’re world-class experts at data integration. We Know

How to migrate it,
Warehouse it
Manage it.

    We can build APIs or custom scripts, conduct any needed extracts or import it all at once. We can then combine the data using a legacy interface, a custom-built one, preinstalled applications, middleware or virtually. We can then analyze and visualize the data using robust BI tools that arm decision-makers with more insights about what’s really going on than they could learn in a year with conventional solutions.

    That’s data integration at its best. That’s Empowered Integration.

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