Empowered Warehouse

Empowered Business Intelligence Starts With An Empowered Warehouse.

Our Empowered Data Warehouse compares and analyzes structured data in new ways. Traditionally, data warehouses are optimized to maintain data accuracy by rapidly updating real-time data. The trade-off, though, is that transaction volume tends to trump data aggregation.

Not so with the Empowered Warehouse, which fully aggregates data using proprietary algorithms, without sacrificing accuracy. That makes our business intelligence, well, a little smarter.

This is more important than ever in the big-data era in which it’s vital to compare and contrast very different data sets from very different sources. These abilities make our technology, not only more scalable but more adaptable for use with complex and even unstructured data.
After all, It’s just a Data Warehouse. It’s an Empowered Warehouse.

Data Warehousing Image

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