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Empowered Margins Data-Integration Services Can Accelerate Implementation While Freeing Up Development Resources.

Empowered Margins integration service enables technology platforms to increase their customers adoption efforts :

    • Our dedicated integration team specializes in challenging integration, allowing you to free up precious development resources
    • Our flexible model allows us to assimilate with your professional services group
    • Our deep industry expertise, having worked with hundreds of integration challenges, allows us to support your sales team’s effort in selling the most demanding enterprise customer

Free Up Developer Resources For Higher ROI

As applications become increasingly interconnected with data, data integration becomes more challenging.
For the last few years, the solution has been to expand internal IT departments to meet the growing demand for sophisticated integration. Who better, it was thought, to connect the data dots than the very inventors of your software themselves?

However, the more this trend continues — and there is no sign of it abating — the more unique programming resources are siphoned off from product development. Over time your business model shifts from that of a product company to that of a professional services company or, more likely, a reactive hybrid of the two.

Applications Are More And More Interconnected With Data, Making Data Integrations More Challenging.

But the more work you load up your development team with, the less time they have to innovate. The result is your unique programming resources are siphoned off for implementation after implementation means. That’s why you need our turnkey Professional Services. Find out how we can free your developers up to do what only they can do, while increasing your implementation throughput and expanding market share.

What People Say

“The EM team took care of everything. It was a very straight-forward experience that worked straight off the bat. [Empowered Margins’ integration] gives us an advantage in the market.”


Principal, Starkweather Association Services

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