At Empowered Margins,
We Have A Real Heart For Associations.

There are lots of for-profits out there doing a great job making life better for many, but only Associations are watching out for entire industries.

Having stood shoulder-to-shoulder with folks at Associations, we can confirm it’s hard to find more dedicated people that the ones on the front lines safeguarding these verticals that ultimately affect the lives of millions, even billions.

We can tell you story after story of how this Association initiative is making manufacturing safer or pushing the envelope for science or helping kids to grow up better and on and on.

When the people behind these initiatives need to know the numbers —

  • who’s logged in,
  • who’s attended,
  • who’s posted,
  • who’s opened,
  • which email,
  • who’s completed
  • which course,
  • who’s written,
  • which standard,
  • who’s responded
  • and who’s renewed,

They turn to us. And we’re honored to help any way we can.
We turn their data into an understanding of emerging trends, hidden costs and smarter operational models.


Put Industry Comps To Work For You.