What You Need to Finally Jettison Old-Fashioned Paper Records!

For 20 years, no one has been saying
“I wish I did my books using a handwritten ledger.”
Or even a spreadsheet.

But IDD Agencies have been maintaining binders since, well, the beginning of IDD Agencies. And many still are. But they don’t have to anymore.

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Saves Time Over Paper

Hours of time per month — on average more than 10 hours per program manager! What could you do in the time you’re spending flipping pages to find information you should already have at your fingertips?

Saves Money Over Paper

Not just the cost of office supplies, but the time to sift through them. The high, hidden, variable labor costs — worse than other line items because they are unpredictable, sneak up on you with no warning and usually stay hidden in the shadows, like a pickpocket Versus Frisco’s one low, flat rate that includes upgrades and makes budgeting simple.

Fits Seamlessly Into Your Current Workflow

The magic of “designed by an IDD agency for IDD agencies”—an agency that maintained paper binders, just like you, tried spreadsheets, Therap and everything else, and finally threw it all out in favor of a custom-built EHR system.
Frisco’s enabled them to grow by more than a third in less than a year, despite COVID. It’s already in production, so you get the custom build without the custom price.

Makes Audits Easier

Have everything where you need it before the next audit. Plus notifications that automatically alert you if anything’s missing. Plus a folder system that exactly matches your programs. Plus a much better way to see the real ISSP progress you’re making. Start looking forward to audits!

Keeps Everyone Updated Over Paper

on Appointments, Prescriptions, Encounter Notes, Medical Records, Reporting and Compliance
All the advantages of Frisco make your program managers, freed from the burden of heavy paper binders, more effective at their jobs. Just look at the chart below.

What other reasons do you need to switch over? We can have you up and running, saving time and money, for not much money in practically no time at all.


Manual Process  Automation that Saves Time
Requires Storage Room  Cloud-Hosted
Not Scalable  Easily Scalable
Manual Searches  Easily Searchable, Sortable
Requires Intensive Upkeep  Easily Maintained
Cost: Higher than Frisco  Cost: Lower than Paper
Difficult to Replicate for COVID Remote Work  Accessible Anytime Anywhere
Obscures Compliance Issues  Alerts to Compliance Issues
Blocks EHR Goals  Completes EHR Goals
Repair Malfunctions with Photocopier and Hole-Punch  Continual Monitoring and Updates to Prevent Malfunctions
Hinders Training, Provider Transition, and Institutional Memory  Supports Training, Provider Transition, and Institutional Memory
Extends Paperwork Time  Eliminates Paperwork Time
Access Participant Data Only in Proximity  Access Participant Data Anywhere
Manual Pharmacy Updates  Automatic Pharmacy Sync
Makes Regulatory Audits Challenging  Makes Regulatory Audits Easy
Designed to Fit into Current Workflow  Designed to Fit into Current Workflow
Reliable  More Reliable

How it all Comes Together

  • Dynamic Grid for At-a-Glance Consumer Data
  • Person-Centered: View Activity Logs by Consumer Profile
  • Tiered Access to Accommodate Different User Roles
  • Create and Manage Service Programs & Document Categories
  • Assign Categories to Different Service Programs
  • Manage Master Folder and Document Requirements
  • Integrate Pharmacy Data, Including Prescription Information
  • Assign Providers and Interdisciplinary Teams
  • Manage Contacts Around a Consumer
  • Consumer Profile Management, including Demographic, Diet, Allergy and Diagnosis
  • Online, Customizable Encounter Notes with Editorial Control
  • Online Capture, Reporting, Tracking and Analysis of Incidents with Editorial Control
  • Coordination and Tracking

Frisco allowed us to replace our old tracking spreadsheet. We were forever updating it, but now we’ve shifted a staggering 50% or the time our program managers spend on paperwork to time they now spend supporting participants.

- Tim Maxwell,

CEO, Karuna Care Services


See for yourself how easily Frisco:

  • Fits Existing Workflow
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money.

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