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Solving Problems

Customized Plan Recommendations

Rising Quote Volumes and Competitive Pressures

Technology Integration Challenges

Workflow Reporting Needs

Walk through our innovative solutions that have streamlined workflows similar to yours answer these questions. We will provide a guaranteed solution to streamline your process.

Our insurance software company has successfully delivered dozens of insurtech solutions and our core focus is serving actuary teams, underwriting groups and other departments that are often overlooked in insurtech develoment.

Seize this opportunity to further your lead in the Insurtech Revolution !
You can leverage EM’s years of experience, having built dozens of innovative Insurtech solutions that have accelerated automation, scalability and freed up teams to focus on tasks that best utilize their talents.

Actuarial Firms & Medicare Advantage Organizations

You strive to innovate in the competitive Medicare Advantage market.
Your goal is to develop products that not only align with your business model but also cater to the unique needs of your customers ensuring financial viability and market success.
The path to creating competitive and compliant Medicare Advantage products is fraught with complexities. From dynamic pricing challenges regulatory hurdles to risk management and data integration issues, the landscape is ever-changing. How do you stay ahead while ensuring your products are accurately priced and tailored to your market?

At Empowered Margins, we understand these challenges because we specialize in guiding actuarial firms and Medicare Advantage organizations through the intricate product development landscape. Our suite of customized software solutions empowers you to navigate these complexities with confidence.

Empowered Margins: Your Technology Partner for Medicare Advantage Success

Custom Analytics Development

We craft tailored analytics tools to unlock strategic insights, enhancing your product development and market strategies.

Dynamic Pricing Solutions

Our expertise in dynamic pricing and rate setting tools, developed to fit your models, supports flexible and informed pricing decisions.

Risk Management Custom Tools

We design predictive modeling and risk assessment solutions specifically for your needs, mitigating potential challenges effectively.

Data Integration and Compliance:

Efficient data management systems ensure seamless integration and compliance, powering informed decisions with security and precision.

Collaborative Software Development

As your dedicated partner, we blend our technological expertise with your industry knowledge to create software that propels your firm forward in the competitive Medicare Advantage landscape.

Don’t let the technology complexities of Medicare Advantage product development hold you back. Contact us today to discover how our solutions can streamline your processes, from pricing to compliance.

In a landscape where agility and accuracy are paramount, lacking technology solutions can leave you trailing. Empowered Margins fortifies your position, equipping you with the custom tools and expertise required to navigate the market confidently and maintain compliance.

Imagine a future where your analytics drive strategic decisions, pricing adapts with precision, and your Medicare Advantage offerings outperform the competition. With Empowered Margins as your technology ally, this future is not just aspirational—it’s achievable.

Become part of our circle of success, where firms like yours leverage our custom software development expertise to navigate complexities and capitalize on opportunities, securing a leading position in the Medicare Advantage sector.

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“I can’t begin to thank you guys enough for the hard work you all have put in for GuideStone over the years. You all have exceeded expectations time after time in providing valuable solutions to my team. I am especially grateful for your ability to provide us with exactly what we need as opposed to exactly what we ask for, because sometimes those are very different things! I look forward to finding ways to work with Empowered Margins, and in particular you three, in the future!“

– Joel McDowell, Manager Group Underwriting, GuideStone Financial Services

“You and your team have been wonderful to work with. Thank you serving BCBSNE well; I truly have valued the work you do for us and the clear sense of partnership that you have. All the best to you, too.”


– Jason W Oswald, Director of Underwriting, BCBSNE