Empowered Margins will take the necessary time to understand your technology needs. We have successfully launched hundreds of IT projects by engaging in a completely transparent management and development process with our customers. We will consistently invite you to share your input, so that together, we can implement a successful technology solution.


We have chosen to focus on cloud-based systems for their ease-of-use, scalability, and automatic upgrades. Leveraging the power of their API’s enables us to develop a long-lasting and you to effectively serve your business


Salesforce is a leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. EM can assist you with leveraging the power of their API’s to integrate and synchronize your database with theirs.


    YourMembership.com’s Application Programming Interface (API) is available to all current YourMembership.com customers. With their XML-based API, we can help your company automate the synchronization of data between YourMembership.com and other, third-party applications and databases.


    Cvent’s Application Programming Interface (API) enables two-way data transmission from your custom application, CRM, or membership database to CVent system.


    Migration to the cloud is usually motivated by a need for scalability without additional hardware cost. In turn, server administration cost will also decrease. Let EM help you complete this process to save you time and money. We can help you:

    • Create a migration plan that includes an overall assessment of your company’s needs. We will also help you determine whether a hybrid migration strategy is necessary
    • Create a proof of concept to test the migration of your relational database
    • Migrate data
    • Migrate applications
    • Optimize your cloud