Empowered Margins will take the necessary time to understand your technology needs. We have successfully launched hundreds of IT projects by engaging in a completely transparent management and development process with our customers. We will consistently invite you to share your input, so that together, we can implement a successful technology solution.

Technology Management

Regardless of where your company is at with your technology strategy, EM can help you execute your initiatives with confidence.

Technology Consulting

EM will come alongside you to clarify your technology goals. In turn, we we will create an action plan to transform your idea into a functional application.

Technology Architecture

  • Assess the right technology solution
  • High-level design (overview of system and functionality)
  • Low-level design (individual, complex components)
  • Information architecture (design your data

Business Requirement analysis

  • Streamlining wishlists into requirement backlogs
  • Use case and scenario development
  • Feature development

Technology Implementation

Once a project is defined, the execution strategy determines its success or failure. We implement the key areas of your project as a 3rd party independent partner with transparency and openness.

Technology Road Map

Establishing short-term and long-term phases for your project.

Team and Vendor Selection

We will leverage your company’s internal teams to  assist us in choosing the most suitable global resources. As always the case with EM, this process is transparent.

Project Management

EM is highly skilled at managing your technology project, from every task to every developer.

Stakeholder Reporting

We pride ourselves in keeping everyone involved and informed, and providing honest financial reporting.


Business Technology

We leverage our years of consulting experience in order to develop powerful solutions for your business. Some of our featured industries include:

Actuarial workflow tools

  • Automated Underwriting Software increases your turn-around-time by building automated tools for census
  • HIPAA compliant Personal Health Information (PHI) data collection tools collect the information you need without the paper crisis. We build tools that are HIPAA compliant and web-based.
  • Health benefit decision support tools provide employees the ability to calculate realistic estimations of their annual heath care costs.

Association and Membership Management

  • Executive Dashboard
    Assessing the state of your company often becomes a time-consuming task. Take control, and learn how a customized reporting service can empower you and your staff. The software will save you time, and provide your board with vital information in a timely manner.
  • Member Management Software Solutions
    EM use powerful tools such as YourMembership or CVent to facilitate smooth data management.

Cloud Integration

We have chosen to focus on cloud-based systems for their ease-of-use, scalability, and automatic upgrades. Leveraging the power of their API’s enables us to develop a long-lasting and you to effectively serve your business

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is a leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. EM can assist you with leveraging the power of their API’s to integrate and synchronize your database with theirs.

Your membership API Integration

YourMembership.com’s Application Programming Interface (API) is available to all current YourMembership.com customers. With their XML-based API, we can help your company automate the synchronization of data between YourMembership.com and other, third-party applications and databases.

Cvent Integration

Cvent’s Application Programming Interface (API) enables two-way data transmission from your custom application, CRM, or membership database to CVent system.

Rackspace Cloud Integration

Migration to the cloud is usually motivated by a need for scalability without additional hardware cost. In turn, server administration cost will also decrease. Let EM help you complete this process to save you time and money. We can help you:

  • Create a migration plan that includes an overall assessment of your company’s needs. We will also help you determine whether a hybrid migration strategy is necessary
  • Create a proof of concept to test the migration of your relational database
  • Migrate data
  • Migrate applications
  • Optimize your cloud